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How to Play EuroJackpot

EuroJackpot is similar to EuroMillions in the sense that numbers are drawn from two separate pots, rather than bonus numbers being drawn from the same pot.

In the case of EuroJackpot, you must select five numbers from a main draw of 50, along with two Euronumbers numbered 1-10. In a typical draw, roughly one in 26 tickets will win some kind of prize.

Jackpots range from a guaranteed minimum of €10 million up to a maximum of €90 million - as usual, if more than one person matches all seven numbers drawn, the jackpot fund is shared between them as the lottery is pari-mutuel.

Once the top prize tier hits €90 million, any extra funds coming into the pot roll down to the second tier - and if this also reaches €90 million, the surplus is put into the third tier, and so on. However, there is no limit on the number of times the top prize can roll over, so even once it reaches €90 million, you'll still need to match all five main numbers and both Euronumbers to win it.

Where Can I Play?

You can play online or from your local ticket agent or convenience store from any of the following countries:

  • Croatia
  • Czech Republic
  • Denmark
  • Estonia
  • Finland
  • Germany
  • Hungary
  • Iceland
  • Italy
  • Latvia
  • Lithuania
  • Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Poland
  • Slovakia
  • Slovenia
  • Spain
  • Sweden

Together EuroJackpot’s participating countries have a population of over 300 million people - more than the reach of EuroMillions.

Playing Online

We partner with trusted online lottery services to allow you to buy EuroJackpot tickets online from anywhere in the world. The lottery service buys the ticket from an official EuroJackpot retailer on your behalf, scans the ticket, sends a copy to you then deposits the original in a safe deposit box.

Other online lottery services offer betting on the outcome of EuroJackpot. These betting services offer exactly the same odds, prizes and jackpots. The only difference is there is no physical ticket as you are simply betting on the outcome of the EuroJackpot draw.

Cost of Playing EuroJackpot Online

In most cases, the lottery service will provide a digital scanned copy of your ticket via your online account, so you can see proof that your numbers have been placed correctly for the upcoming draw. For this, and the cost of sending someone out to buy your ticket, the price is a little higher than if you were to buy the ticket in person in one of the participating EuroJackpot countries.

However, the price of the ticket is the only fee you’ll pay – there are no extra charges and no commission will be taken from your winnings. Lottery betting services may offer slightly cheaper ticket options.

When you win via a lottery service, you will be notified via email, and your online account will be updated with details of the win. Smaller prizes will be paid to you automatically. There is no commission taken from your prize money.

Larger jackpot wins must be claimed in person under EuroJackpot rules, so if you are lucky enough to win big, your physical ticket will be released to you, and you will take responsibility for travelling to the country where your winning ticket was bought and claiming your prize under the usual local rules. Again, there is no commission taken from jackpot wins. Lottery betting services will pay all wins (including any jackpot wins) directly into your online account.

You must still be old enough to gamble in the country you are in when you buy your ticket though - that usually means 18+ but depends on local gambling laws. In the UK, for instance, you can buy lottery tickets from the age of 16. In Greece, the legal age is much higher at 23, while in Portugal it's 18 and over for tourists, but 21+ for residents.

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