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Play EuroJackpot Online

If you want to purchase a physical EuroJackpot ticket, you'll either need to buy a ticket in one of the game's 18 participating countries or play online.

Purchasing Your Ticket

You can play EuroJackpot from anywhere in the world using our trusted online lottery partners. Choose your numbers on our partners’ websites and they will handle the rest of the process for you.

Some lottery services will physically go out and buy your ticket from a EuroJackpot retailer, while others will use sophisticated insurance models which allow you to bet on the numbers drawn in EuroJackpot. In both cases, they give you the exact odds and prizes as you would get buying the ticket yourself in person. Both are secure, and both are licensed by trusted gaming authorities.

Here’s how to play EuroJackpot online:

  1. Choose your EuroJackpot numbers.
  2. Buy your ticket.
  3. The lottery service uses a courier to buy your ticket from a retailer or insures your numbers.
  4. The draw takes place and you are notified by email (or phone if you are a big winner).
  5. The winnings are paid into your bank account. If you win the jackpot, you may be required to claim your prize in person.

There are no hidden costs and no commission on winnings. Any winnings are all yours.

Claiming Your Prize

After you place your order, a ticket courier will go and buy a physical ticket with your numbers. This will be scanned as proof of purchase, with the image available to you in your online account. If you win, your account will show an alert, and you will also be notified by email. The time you have to claim your prize will depend on the country in which your ticket was purchased.

Your own local laws may still apply, so be aware of the legal gambling age in your country, as well as any laws that might mean you have to declare your prize and pay tax on it.

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