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Want to know which EuroJackpot numbers are due and which numbers are not? Our statistics and data have everything you need to discover which numbers are on a lucky streak, which numbers are overdue an appearance, and which balls are often drawn together.

Do you choose numbers that have been seen most recently, or opt for those that statistically haven't been drawn as often as you'd expect? And what about the separate Euronumbers pot? We have a tool for that, too, so although the draw itself will be left to chance, your choice of numbers doesn't have to be.

For maximum info, consult our EuroJackpot Statistics, which offers a full list of the numbers drawn most often, when they were last drawn, how many times they have been in a jackpot-winning line, and the dates the game paid out on that number - you might be surprised at just how different the figures can be.

Or if you'd prefer to put your trust in luck, you can use our Number Generator to create up to ten lines using our very own secret formula, before playing those numbers online in this week's EuroJackpot draw.

Choose from our full list of statistical options below to start finding out more about your favourite EuroJackpot numbers.

Number Checker

Not sure if you've won? Enter your line into our Number Checker for an instant answer, even if you didn't buy your ticket online.

Hot and Cold Predictions

Which numbers have gone the longest without being drawn? Our lists for the main balls might surprise you.

Number Generator

When you just want a line generated for you, our Number Generator is the place to start, for up to ten lines based on our secret formula.

Last Appearance

Easy enough - find out how recently any number was drawn and see how many days or draws have passed since then.

EuroJackpot Stats

A powerful list that details every number, and highlights when it was last drawn and how often it’s appeared within a certain amount of time.

EuroJackpot Pairs

Similar to our Drawn Together statistics, only this list is based on all the most commonly drawn pairs, so you can see which balls are 'best buddies'.

EuroJackpot Trios

Good things come in threes, and with EuroJackpot Trios, you can see which trios of balls have been drawn most often since the start of EuroJackpot.

Number Frequency

A simple but effective list of the main draw numbers, showing those drawn most often, the number of times and percentage.

Euronumbers Stats

Find out all the latest info about the 10 Euronumbers that can make a big difference to your EuroJackpot win.

Drawn Together

Don't have enough favourite numbers to fill a line? Use Drawn Together to see which other balls come out most often alongside your favourites.

Even and Odd

View possible even and odd number distributions and their appearance frequencies with Even and Odd statistics.

High and Low

The High and Low statistics reveal the number of appearances for all low and high number combinations.


Use the Consecutive statistics to find possible combinations and distributions of consecutive EuroJackpot numbers.


The Endings statistics show all digits – and their number of appearances – that complete EuroJackpot numbers.


The Sums statistics show the number and percentage of appearances of your numbers’ total sum.


Use the Tens statistics to see EuroJackpot numbers and their appearances as groups of ten.

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